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A1 People
A1 People are musicians/producers/ DJs Simeon Bowring (aka Dr D-Lorean) and Tom Crook (Kidwax). They formed the band in 1997 working with many different collaborators and guests on the records and live. They also work as the A1 People production/remix team and DJ sound system, with over 50 remixes and productions under their belts, from Blondie through to underground artists like Black Dog. Coming from electro roots they based their sound around synthesisers, drum machines, guitars and vocal hooks putting the sound in a contemporary context with cutting edge production and technology. They have toured throughout the world and are regarded as the pioneers of the new Future Disco sound, combining elements of electro, house and new wave.
Alexander Crook represents as one of Germany's best new producers. He is reknown for his underground label DRIVE IN Records. He helped lay down the foundation for other underground labels to push forward a new world of electro.
At last another Gem from the rough of Birmingham, Automaton, stolen right from underneath their noses for Bot.003. This is a exceptional producer with a razor edge for composition and engineering. Groove to deep bassy tripy as in hop and take a break from the day with Automaton. Previous releases on
Bass Junkie
He thought it could do no harm, he only wanted to try it once, how was he to know that from the moment the needle touched the record he would become a fully fledged Bass Junkie. Bingeing on heavy doses of 808 kicks and robotic licks, Phil invested in two turntables, speakers and a mixer to help feed his insatiable craving for electro and miami bass. Before long the Bass Junkie had tested almost every vinyl product on the street, this consumption did not satisfy his habit so in 1987 Phil began to manufacture his own supply of bass power. You can check out some of his fine talents on the Freezie Freekie - Data Sink - Satrx 01 remix ep.
Ben Milstein
Ben Milstein manages to eke out demented and apocalyptic sounds from his machines that will turn your head inside out. It
Blotnik Brothers
This Swedish trio are blazing a path into the future with oldskool, nuskool, floor burning electro-breaks tunes. The Pragmatic Response ep on Satamile Records NYC is their second foray into the electronic dance music battleground. It embodies their current ideal...ELECTRO SUB BASS for getting down. Kraftwerk, Dr. Scissors, Anthony Rother, Aux 88, Bell, Daft Punk and many others have been their influences both then and now, but they will always maintain a unique and influential sound of their own. Keep your eyes and ears open for more from The Blotnik Brothers
Bolz Bolz
This producer is legendary. With previous releases on labels such as Ersatz, Electric Kingdom, Force Inc and his own World Electric imprint, Bolz Bolz is setting a new milestone for world electro. Below is a interview conducty by Richard Brophy of DJ Magazine. BOLZ BOLZ INTERVIEW: questions by Richard Brophy from DJ Magazine/UK-London > > When did you start making music? What inspired you to make music? BB: I started making electronic music in 1990 and was inspired by the early experimental electronic scene of the 70's around Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Etcetera...I love the analogue sound of these guys. > > You've made a wide range of electronic music throughout your career; do you > get bored making one style or do you like to progress, always exploring new > styles? BB: I don't care about what is up to date or what is easy to sell. When I start producing a new track it's like setting my feet on a new continent where no one has been before and sometimes it's like exploring a new style. Most important for me is to transport my feelings of that moment into my music. > > Do you think you have had a big influence on the German techno scene? BB: Less the German techno scene, more the international electro scene. I am getting more and more demos from the UK and the US Electro artists where it could be that my style influences their music. > > Are your Electrocord, Formic and World Electric labels still going? Are > you still releasing on them? BB: Formic rec. is down, Electrocord is having a break. I am proud to run a label like WORLD ELECTRIC which is really flying and internationally established now. International acts like Komatr:ohn/Sweden, Scape One/UK or Kurt Baggerly/US are producing in that typical World Electric style. As you know, new tracks of Bolz Bolz are and will be exclusively released on Feis rec./UCMG. But my other important project, named FUNKTAXI, is still releasing on World Electric in a jazzy, funky, electro style. > > Do you have anything to do with Force Inc anymore? BB: In the early 90's I produced for Force Inc. It was the birth time of the European techno style. Car & Driver and Roots were my hard techno projects. From '94 I started running my own labels. > > Do you have any plans to keep working on the 'pop easy listening' style you > explored on Funktaxi? BB: Oh yes, Funktaxi is an important part of Bolz Bolz. I love to produce in that pop easy listening style specially after a period of producing Bolz Bolz tracks. > > Are you focusing primarily on Bolz Bolz at the moment or are you working on > your other projects? BB: After weeks of fixing up my new studio I got back to music production. At the moment I'm working hard on my next Bolz Bolz album for Feis rec. and I'm doing the World Electric Label work which is getting more and more. In between I am doing Funktaxi tracks. > > The Bolz Bolz sound is very distinctive, instantly recognizable; do you > agree? BB: Distinctive is that typical analog sound of my studio equipment and the soundtrack feeling of several tracks. > > Do you agree that the Bolz Bolz sound has managed to combine a rough > sounding edge with a real understanding of what works on the dance floor? BB: I don't care about what's working on the floor or not. But mostly my tracks are for moving your body like I do while I am producing. If I see people dancing to my music and having fun with it, I got the confirmation that I am doing my work well. > > A lot of the Bolz Bolz material seems to be based on really big basslines > and old skool sounds and riffs; do you think your back ground in electro > influenecd this sound? BB: It's not only influenced by electro. It also a kind of new wave, punk rock and jazz that let me find these heavy bass lines and riffs. The sound is a result of my analog synths which sounds even rougher than any digital plug in of computer systems. > > Would you agree that the album also has a very European sound? BB: In a part yes but not only. Some percussion parts are inspired by African music like Fela Kuti. My mind is open to many cultures. > Do you think the music on 'Human Race' could ever cross over to a wider > audience? BB: You never know, but I don't want to loose the contact to the truly underground scene where I come from. If a wider audience accept my music as what it is I feel fine. > > Were you surprised when 'Take A Walk' became a big club hit in the UK? What > did you think of the remixes by DJ Bone, Paul daley and Si Begg? BB: It was a surprise for me but I know a lot of people worked hard on it and they all have my big respect. DJ Bone, Paul Daley, DJ Lamonde, Justin Berkovi and Si Begg did a very good job. I love their remixes a lot. > > Do you have plans to release any more material on Longhaul? Maybe. > > What do you think about the state of the dance scene in Germany? BB: Today there are a lot of different dance scenes in Germany and it's more difficult to establish new styles on the dance floor. > > Why do you think that more underground forms of dance music like eletcro and > techno are more accepted and popualr in Germany than in the UK? BB: Electro is more accepted in the UK and techno is more popular in Germany. So I am glad , my music is accepted in both countries. But I think the UK underground is more open minded to new styles than the German underground. > Do you have any plans to tour Europe either live or as a DJ to support the > release of the album? BB: I did some gigs here in Germany. It is hard to playing live while I am producing a new album because this means to rip up my studio setup. It always takes a lot of time to rebuild it. As a DJ I love to support my music. Dj-ing is the best way to find out the interactive feedback between my music and the party people to get in touch with them. My Sets are a mixture of danceable techno and electro. > > thanks for your time BB: thank you too.
Boris Divider
Bio: Electro producer Boris Divider develops a dark-minimal Electro style as a consequence of the man-machine atmosphere, the vision of an automated society and a world controlled by machines. Born in Madrid (1975), his influences come on the one hand from the first ebm waves and the dark electronic scene and on the other hand from the old school electro and hiphop movement that appeared on the streets of his city in the early nineties, of course influences from the Electro founders Kraftwerk, or refreshing Anthony Rother
Opbrouck Stijn, born in Belgium in 1976 he was influenced by the industrial sounds of Front 242 + Nitzer Ebb. His most typical elements became dark fat synths, bass, guitars, samples, vocoder voices and robotic electro rhythms, creating a strong dark driven electro sound.
Alan O'Boyle and Dennis McNulty first started working with each other in late 1993. Drawn together by a mutual love of Codeine, Steve Reich, early electro and Detroit techno they began playing around with a four track, electric guitars, a crap keyboard and an amiga computer. They embarked upon a mission to make some music together, and to do whatever else seemed like appropriate activity for guys in their early twenties who hated their jobs and found their home town a little boring.
From home built drum machines to modular synths that rock his tracks in a style of electro solely his own. EMS is Stephen Machnowski, a native of New York, USA. He has been releasing electro records since 1996 under the aliases EMS and the and as half of the group Chromatix. EMS releases primarily on his homebass label, Satamile Records, but also has been known to put out some work on World Electric of Cologne, Germany and Spelunk Recordings of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up programming Commodore 64 games and sound utilities, sparked EMS's interest in producing electronic music from the square wave up. The fresh electronic beats of early breakdance, freestyle and new wave artists inspired EMS
Larry McCormick has caught the attention of many in the current electro scene with a unique production style and non-stop promotion towards the advancement of the music. Aside from being a label head of Monotone USA and a producer Larry's main love is DJing. Usually using his alias 'Exzakt' when spinning Larry has played more and more throughout the Globe and mainly in his home area of S. Florida where he has built a strong following of fans and supporters of his music. On top of his production, label, and DJing Larry has managed to create one of the most respected electro sites to date. The has grown to an incredible web site that enables electro artists, DJ's, & fans to reach each other from around the globe. It has given the Electro Community the ability to communicate much easier & is also very informative.
Freezie Freekie
The elusive Brooklyn born electronic music composer Freezie Freekie strikes out of left field with his first release Data Sink on Satamile Records. Freezie is still in the studio working on his next hit, and in his free time he continues to roam the streets of New York gathering urban influences and pumpin classic New York Hip Hop sounds on his stereo...
Heuristic Audio
Hailing from London, England this producer matches the underground dreamy effects of his electro bass productions with his mysterious anonymity.
Straight out of Phoenix , Arizona we found this producer. I like to think of his sound as blvd-scifi bass.
John Blackford
John Blackford is one of the hidden diamonds of NY and truly deserves a underground following ecspecially those who love analog. His studio is comprised of large modular synths, vintage compressors and array of eccentric vintage and new music machines. Think the darker side of Boards of Canada for his sound, composed on a 48 channel fairlight mixing desk.
Lowfish is perhaps Canadas most well known electro producer and something of a genre straddling oddity. His clinical but catchy tracks are both very new school, and built from DNA of early IDM and new wave. The weapons of choice are what they have been from the start, semi-operational analog synthesizers, tempermental drummachines and scratchy recording gear all forced into a computer. The name Lowfish came from the concept of using mostly low quality equipment. The result being a aesthetic that is Low-ish (lowsh)
This young new artist out of Ireland hits hard with his first release Skip Code. Boiling up from his many years on the Dublin underground scene, Metroneem is here!
Satamile, Sara Walker, EMS, Freezie Freekie
Scape One
Powerfull breaks style electro hailing from Brighton Beach , England. Clean futuristic with lots of dancefloor momentum.
Si Begg
Born in Leicester in 1972 and subsequently raised in the quaint surrounds of Warwickshire's Victorian health mecca, Leamington Spa, the story of Si Begg is intriguing, non conformist and riddled with unexpected twists and turns. His unique technical production style has popped up on remixes everywhere, with a special mention of his spectacular bass crunching remix of Decal's - Burn From The Inside - Satrx 02
Silicon Scally
Silicon Scally aka Carl Finlow is pure electro, guaranteed to rock any dancefloor! He has also achieved global recognition for producing under his other pseudonyms: Random Factor, Voicestealer, IL-EC-TRO, Circle City, and simply Carl A Finlow. Under these guises he has released music on the finest electronic labels in the world: Warp, Fuel, Playhouse, Paper, Trope, Klang, Soma, Pagan, Minifunk and Scsi. He also combined with Ralph Lawson on all the 2020Vision remixes, including the now classic Blaze mixes and productions for Fatboy Slim, Jamiroquai, Blaze, Swag, Jori Hulkonnen, Felix da Housecat, Swayzak, Josh Wink, Luke Slater, and Superman Lovers. All in all, through a decade of pioneering work in electronic music he has gained the respect of the most highly esteemed musicians in the world, including: Radiohead, Herbert, Richie Hawtin, Francois Kevorkian, Derrick Carter, Andrew Weatherall, Josh Wink and Luke Slater. Maybe it is the fact that Carl is more influenced by classic artists rather than contemporary that he sets his standards so high. He cites Tomita, The White Noise, Yello, Prince, and Depeche Mode before going further back in time to experimental godfathers Stockhausen, Varese and Raymond Scott as his source of inspiration. Carl has developed a superb live set using the latest software technology (Ableton Live 3 and Traktor) to takes his sounds on the road as Random Factor or Silicon Scally. He has performed at the most important festivals and clubs across the globe including: La Villette with Kraftwerk (Paris 02), Sonar (Barcelona 2K), Safety In Numbers (NYC), Fabric (London), Sub Club (Glasgow), Batofar (Paris), WMF (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), and Storm The CPU (LA). He has also toured Japan, The States three times and Europe extensively. FIRE003 Silicon Scally / Bass Junkie
Sir Real
One of the leading electro producers in the UK. MOre info to come, check out his amazing label and website.
The Ghost That Walks
Six stunning tracks of dark Electro Crunch from England. The perfect soundtrack for a Rob Zombie film, The Ghost that Walks really has a truly unique and defined electro production style being the reason why we signed him. You could place these tracks in imagined categories such as "Electro Magic" or "Sorcery Electro" with their strong sonic resonance of the sublime growing and defining itself into new forms through music.
As an artist, Umwelt he has been composing electronic music since 1996 and released his first tracks in 1997. He began producing techno and electro on his own labels Shelter and Fundata Records that have met a great success. Now his sounds are more electro, dark and broken. From the beginning, he has exclusively worke with hardware: this man loves machines ...he doesn't find computers and softwares very attractive and very sexy...
After some techno/industrial-releases as 'Tribantura' in the early 90s, it was his solo project uNN that definitely put him on the map of electronic music. Focusing on ambient sounds, chill out stuff, electro and experimental music he soon gained a great reputation with his trademark 'autobiographical' sound. Frank Rueckert is a musical storyteller who loves to work on his tracks in a spontaneous way. "I'm improvising a lot and often the best songs arise unexpectedly and surprisingly. The songs that are brought to life in those 'precious moments' are definitely the best! His two highly acclaimed uNN albums on Elektrolux covered a wide range of musical emotions. 'Delay' was darker and more melancholic, while the floow up 'Relief' felt more optimistic and uplifting