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2015-01-30 00:00:00.0
Hi , this is a quick notice that we are moving/moved everything over to Bandcamp until we finish our new site.
Vinyl, downloads, t-shirts and more are all available there:
You will also find Bot and SatRx releases.
Join us on Facebook @ satamile bot , or the fan page satamile. This site is to old and outdated and a new one to come.
Thanks for your support, more great things to come.
2010-02-16 00:00:00.0
Bolz Bolz LP
Hi electro peepsz. Just a quick update we got the Bolz Bolz LP up exclusive for 2 weeks for Digital download in Flac, Wav and HQ mp3 on our Addictech mini site located here. So if you didnt get the vinyl you can get the digital. Choose your flavor,
Thanks for the support
Satamile and Crew
2010-02-12 00:00:00.0
Bolz Bolz LP
WE'll we finally completed the Bolz Bolz lp. Grilliant Electro/techno stomper for the 4am fog machine crew. This is some of his finest work to date, varied, emotive and complex programming to boot. Limited to 500 pressings and available only on Vinyl at the moment. So buy it at Juno and make those CD wedding Dj's flip cuz they dont have it.
2009-04-11 00:00:00.0
John Blackford of Bot.001 scores a review in DJ Mag for his first release on Bot.
DJmag - Electro Reviews Issue 465

John Blackford - Mutations & Diseases (Bot) A new sub-label from New York electro imprint Satamile, John Blackford brings an experimental, introverted voice to Bot. From the title track's eerie ambience to the atmospheric soundtracks of 'Deceleration' and 'Apathy' - the latter samples a black and white movie
2009-04-10 00:00:00.0
Just a quick update, all 3 Bots are in stock and can be ordered direct from us. Go to the Bot section of satamile site.

Bolz Bolz LP samples up on line as well.
thats it, Andrew
2008-03-27 00:00:00.0
Lowfish LP and Addictech
Come and get it , if your wanting digital satamile material for your mp3 player now is the time with the exclusive partnership of Satamile LP material offered on Addictech. Addictech is one of the USA's best spots for great quality Breaks/Electro/and Grime in digital download as HQ mp3 or FLACs . We suggest the Flac since we spend close to 900$ on mastering and in our opinion if you going to DJ go Flac, and give everyone ears a break from the mp3's.

Most of these LP's are available only on Addictech.

On the other front the Lowfish LP goes into the top 20 of College Rpm National Radio rotation. Its good to see Electro bots getting out to thousands of ears across the USA .

Bot.001 is complete more news on that soon.

Thanks for the support, Satamile in San Francisco
2008-03-27 00:00:00.0
Warpmart is carrying alot of our material nowadays and we're proud of it. If your in the UK or EU they're your best bet so please help yourself and check out the other great labels they carry as well.
2008-01-02 00:00:00.0
Satamile 2008
Hi electro peeps, first Happy New Year to every one from Satamile Records and thanks for your support and time in 2007.

Will have a new sub label coming out soon, called Bot Records for my diverse down tempo limited numbers of synth weidness.

Lowfish LP should be heading toward your local stores shortly so start bugging them about it.

And thats that, Happy New Year and mayby the world is heading towards more peacefull normal times.

2007-11-13 00:00:00.0
Murder Party
Alas, "Murder Party" the underground Horror/Comedy indy film is slated for release this month after acquiring distribution. Look for that fat Bytecon track remixed by Dj Quest and a Si Begg track as well. Satamile goes to the movies!

The Lab of Madness is proud to present their feature film debut,

"Described as "THE BREAKFAST CLUB with chainsaws and hard drugs",
MURDER PARTY is a Halloween night misadventure with great gags and
plenty of splatter! "
2007-11-13 00:00:00.0
"Murder Party"
Alas, "Murder Party" the underground Horror/Comedy indy film is slated for release this month after acquiring distribution. Look for Satamile tracks by Bytecon remixed by Dj Quest and a Si Begg track as well. Satamile goes to the movies with full credits.! Excerpt below.

The Lab of Madness is proud to present their feature film debut,

"Described as "THE BREAKFAST CLUB with chainsaws and hard drugs",
MURDER PARTY is a Halloween night misadventure with great gags and
plenty of splatter! "

Alos Lowfish LP available soon on our website exclusive!

2007-11-06 00:00:00.0
Dave Clark
Heuristic Audio charts up into Dave Clarks chart for November. Dont underestiamate this LP these tracks sound fat when played out.
2007-09-19 00:00:00.0
Decibel Festival+Robodock Festival
Calling all electro headsz, two chances on opposite ends of the world on the same night to catch Satamile Artist. Lowfish will be headlining at the Decibel Festival in Seattle this coming Saturday at the Baltic Room. Decibel is one of the most artistically accredited Electronic music Festivals on the West Coast show casing a mix of emerging artist from the West Coast and around the world. Lowfish will be playing new tracks on his upcoming "Burn the Lights Out" LP on Satamile Records.
For more Info:

Robodock Festival
If thats not enough if your in Amsterdam , this coming Saturday, Sept,22nd, Satamile will be playing at the infamous Robodock Festival! This is one of the craziest yearly festivals to happen in Amsterdam presenting a merger of cross disciplinary arts of some of the best producers, artist and performers. Satamile has his guns loaded with fresh vinyl for this one, count on it. Come out and show support and "Stay up Forever"!
Go to:
for details

Also on the horizion the Bots are coming with Satamile's new sub-label , Bot Records.
Serious fat dub electronica with the first three release's signed and heading to the pressing machines. Expect down tempo, fresh weirdness from the likes of Ben Milstein and more.

Also Lowfish LP samples up soon,

Take care and thanks for the support,
2007-08-16 00:00:00.0
Heuristic Audio LP+ more
Hi peeps, the Heuristic Audio LP is finally complete and out to distributors allready getting brilliant reviews and charts. Alot of hardwork went into this one, and the payoff was worth it. On the ep side, Sir Real's ep on Satamile is complete and off to stores along with the Illektrolab ep. Both are great bass to break electro rockers and stormers . Check all good stores for availability. This is real electro!

If your in the Chicago area, i will be playing there this weekend, on Saturday. Catch me at the Robodock Festival in Sept in Amsterdam.

Chicago info below. This will be a great party.
Saturday August 18th

Tini Martini
2169 N. Milwaukee
$5 all night
2007-04-12 00:00:00.0
Blotnik Brothers
Bltotnik Brothers took Satamile Rec. all the way to the top 15 of College Radio RPM Charts this year and was quickly followed by the Silicon Scally LP "Bioroid". Check out their LP's their some of the best electro in years!!
2007-04-03 00:00:00.0
Silicon Scally- Xlr8r REVIEW!
Carl Finlow is apparently completely incapable of releasing a shitty album, although he's shed a bit of his brooding, corrosive Scallyness this time around in favor of kicking the crap out of the dancefloor. Finlow's tracks, like "Population III" and "Encapsulate," are too robofunktastic to be denied-full of good, solid mechanical breaks. While the spacey-ness of the album doesn't drift as far into the subconscious as Dark Matter or Mr. Machine, cuts like "Moment" and "Interflection" carve a psychoactive electro niche that is uniquely Finlow's.
2007-03-23 00:00:00.0
Doomsday NY
Intelligent article in Raveline about the destruction of NY nightlife in NY city by the right wing . Written by Katrin Richter. As soon as i get a full translation I'll get it up here.
2007-03-23 00:00:00.0
Top 15 -College Radio
Shouts out to the Blotnik Brothers and Silicon Scally for charting in the top 20 of College Radio RPM in the month of January, both in the same week. From the little label that could! Both artist made it into the top 15.
2007-03-06 00:00:00.0
ElektroTeknik Party
Headsz up for the Elektroteknik party this coming Saturday in Gent, Belgium. Andrew Weatherall, Andrea Parker, Bytecon LIVE, Umwelt LIVE, Lysergic, W-Sap and more.
Hey, Satamile is playing as well coming all the way from SF to represent. Electro fatness!
This event will be off the hook!

For Details and directions.

ROAD Discription: FROM Lille, Antwerp & Brussels -> exit "Gent Centrum" (B 401) -> dir. "alle richtingen" -> 1st lights: right dir. R40 -> cross tramrails -> left over
bridge -> dir. Gentbrugge -> Pass two traffic lights -> On roundabout: second exit -> Pass two traffic lights -> Location: at 500m on your right - Watch out for ET4 signs
By train: Get of at Gent Sint-Pieters-> tram 4. Get of at Rabot. Mail to: / Minus One - Opgeeistenlaan 455 - 9000 Gent. Info:

2007-02-15 00:00:00.0
Darkbeat Film Screening
A must see for electro headsz as the Darkbeat documentary starts hitting the festivals around the world. Catch this Showing in San Francisco.
Come experience Darkbeat: An Electro World Voyage at the 9th Annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival (IndieFest) tomorrow Thursday and Friday.

IndieFest is a worldwide blend of more than 100 independent films and videos, unspools February 8-20, 2007... movies like you've never seen them, wrapped around all tomorrow's parties

Roxie Cinemas, 3117 16th Street, San Francisco
Thursday, Feb 15th 2007 / 2:15PM
Friday, Feb 16th 2007 / 9:30PM

Silicon Scally LP is out and in stores, selling out quick.
2007-01-31 00:00:00.0
Konverge - Saturday February 3rd
A quick bleep from us, and speaking of bleep you can find alot of new Satamile stuff on Warpmart in the UK. New LP's and singles.
The new Silicon Scally LP is shipping this week to distributors worlwide so be on the lookout, vinyl and cd. Finally complete.

Blotnik Brothers "Mizuage" LP has been a huge hit on College Radio RPM charts , going all the way to NU.15 on the National January chart for all of the USA. This is the highest we have ever gone, and a big up mark for Electro. Shouts outs to the Blotniks!!! They rock!

Its party time and Feb,3rd I'm helping m50 outta Chicago on his world tour stop in SF. Tons of electroinic madness, or just call it techno. Heres whats up:Date & Time: Saturday, February 3, 2007 - ,9:00 PM
Location: Rx Gallery-
132 Eddy Street
San Francisco view map
More Info:
Electro-based dance event featuring a convergence of talent from across the
country, including some notable San Francisco debuts: Se
2007-01-01 00:00:00.0
Satamile 2007

Hi , electro headsz, 2007 is here and we have some quick updates for you. First the Blotnik Brothers LP shipped out a few weeks ago, fat driving Swedish electro from the 3 lads of Malmo, Sweden. There are some real giants on these tracks destined for rooms at Fabric.

Silicon Scally's "Bioroid" lp is complete with release scheduled for Feb,18th , cd and Vinyl.These tracks mark a new evolution for Mr. Finlow taking the best experience from his previous works to step it up to a new and exciting level. Alot of thought and work went into this masterpiece by everyone.

Heuristic Audio soon to follow along with two singles from Illektrolab and Sir Real.
We're really glad to have Sir REal on board and hope that we can elevate his much deserved exposure to the American audience that he so deserves.

In coming week expect a whole new batch of Satamile artist tracks to arrive on iTunes and other down loaders but as allwasy we serve it out first on Vinyl and cd. Support vinyl , its still one of the best Mediums.

If you missed the Dj Quest remix of Bytecon and Si Begg remix of Decal you will be able to hear them on a new Indie Film showcasing in Sundance, South by Southwest and Cannes. Satamile goes to the movies in "Murder Party" , coming out this spring.
Horror/Comedy . We're proud and appreciative of Bytecon , Si Begg and Decal
for helping out with this project. More on this later!

The new Middle Men got released just at the end of the year so if you didnt get one they should be out in your hood somewhere.

Happy New Years , and much thanks for your support @ Satamile.

2006-04-28 00:00:00.0
Party updates and release updates. We kicked off our Bot event last tuesday at our new space in San Francisco, Boca, located at 414 Jessie st. Great new club space. This will be every tuesday, so we're finall getting back to the other thing we love to do which is throw partys.
We have a bunch of new T-shirts for sale on the site. Look under the merchandise section. Alot of new designs for various artist on the label.
Lowfish is out, and almost gone on our end. Umwelt is kicking at the gates and getting ready to be releasesd. Just waiting on the Cd ompletion, stupid delays , pain in the %#@$#%.
Bytecon, Blotnik, Heuristc and Silicon Scally lp's are going into production and will be out this year.. So get ready for for some real sonic mayhem.
SatRX 005 Bytecon remixed by 30hz and Dj quest is done in white label form. Cut at Heathmans, just imagine what a beast this is.
Anyway thats it for quick updates and thanks for the time. A/sat.
2006-04-24 00:00:00.0
Hi, Electro Peeps, no Wavers, Breaks Headsz and general all around wunderground freaks. Satamile records is getting ready
to launch their first weekly on the West Coast. We've recently relocated from NYCity after 20 years there. Anyway we have a long
history of doing events, and weeklys. Our weeklys specialize in New vinyl, and the best from the past ranging from Electro/Breaks/Dubtek/Grime/Ambient and much more. New and interesting, crate diggers delights (oldies that will never die) and
a cross genre palatte so as not to become boring. Will be starting off at around 10PM on the first one and 8PM after that. So this week we kick off @ 10PM @ Boca (brand new space). Hope to see you there. A/Sat
2006-03-29 00:00:00.0
SKAM night in S.F.
Hi electro peeps. Heres a heads up for the Rob Hall of Skam night at Rx Gallery in San Francisco. Presenting the maestro for crazy breaks, beats and blips. One of the best sonic purveryors of break/electro/idm. From the people who signed Boards of Canada first, Rob Hall of Skam.
Lowfish EP shipping this week, followed by a new Roadking and Umwelt LP. Stay tuned we're just warming up for 2006! Web site has new updates and review section. Also t-shirts for sale very soon.
2006-01-19 00:00:00.0
Satamile update Jan. 2006
Hi electro peeps, here's the scoop for whats up in my hood, upcoming
releases, Satamile gigs, Midem music conference in Cannes, France, and the A1
People Gig in LONDON.

First, A1 People, Boris Divider and SatRX004 are well on their way to you're
local club. We got these out just before the holidays.

Coming around the corner is the the Lowfish ep on Satamile Sat.31. Lowfish
just gets better with time and we're glad to have him on the label. Great
record and great Artist.

Roadking aka uNN has completed his second ep for Satamile. Roadkings first
release was a great success
Sat.15, and we're glad to have him in the mix again for round two. Samples
up soon.

Okay, here comes our first LP for 2006 and its sick! Nine new slamming
tracks from the french electro producer Umwelt. Diverse sound creation,
tempos, and moods Its on the press right now. Samples and art up in about a

SatRx005 is lined up in the sights.
Bytecons "T-Wrex" was put through the SatRx blender.
Huge bass break electro from 30Hz and DJ Quest. Imagine the underground side
of new school soaked in Electro. It is complete and going into production

Being asked to play at Midem is a
great honor so I'm looking forward to this gig,, to represent Electro at its
best and for what it really is to me.

Okay thats my blurb from Satamile HQ. Happy New Year everyone, thanks for
you're support in 2005.

Links of interest:

A1 People's 'The Cathouse' Saturday January 28th @ The Telegraph, Brixton
Record Release for Sat.30 and more.
2006-01-15 00:00:00.0
DJ Mag - A1 People Top pick
Here is the long overdue post on the DJ mag review for the A1 People ep on Satamile "No One Likes a Smartarse" "If electro seems overpopulated with smartarsses the A1 People have taken it upon themselves to reduce the balance and inject some fun back into the music. The title track is a bleepy, curiously infectious take on the Satamile Electro breaks sound, but the real entertainment, begins on the flipside. "Crash" boast daft, robot vocals and "From Detroit" does a neat approximation of old school party electro funk, with a squlechy, near cartoonish bass.
2006-01-15 00:00:00.0
DJ Mag - A1 People Top pick
Here is the long overdue post on the DJ mag review for the A1 People ep on Satamile "No One Likes a Smartarse" "If electro seems overpopulated with smartarsses the A1 People have taken it upon themselves to reduce the balance and inject some fun back into the music. The title track is a bleepy, curiously infectious take on the Satamile Electro breaks sound, but the real entertainment, begins on the flipside. "Crash" boast daft, robot vocals and "From Detroit" does a neat approximation of old school party electro funk, with a squlechy, near cartoonish bass.
2005-12-07 00:00:00.0
Lowfish-Satamile tour
Hi Bots, heres an update for the West Coast tour starting this week. If you're in the hood drop on by.
SatRX04, A1 People and Boris Divider have all been shipped to distributors. Take Care, happy holidays, Satamile

Lowfish just returning from testing tracks on European audiences, Lowfish brings his brand of catchy nu school electro and industrial strength robo-disco to the USA. Supporting his upcoming release on New York's premier electro imprint Satamile, Lowfish will play the US west coast for the first time∑
San Francisco
Thursday December 8, 2005
"Bot" at rxgallery <>
132 Eddy Street @ Mason
with Ben Milstein (Live)
DJ Satamile <>

Friday December 9, 2005
"Phonique" at NOIR <>
203 SE Grand Avenue
with Solenoid (Live) and DJ
sets by Cylc and The Perfect Cyn

Tuesday December 13th
"Oscillate" at The Baltic Room
1207 Pine Street
with Mike Shannon (Dumb Unit, Force Inc.), Jeremy Caulfield (Dumb Unit, Trapez)
DJs Satamile <> , Greg Skidmore
and Electrosect
For flyers and additional info for these shows check:
2005-11-04 00:00:00.0
SatRX 004
Some quick updates from the Satamile camp. First SatRX004 is finally off the pressing machine and shipping to Distributors on Monday of next week.New sound samples are up on the web site in the SatRX section.
Store has been restocked with records from the pressing plant in NY finally arriving in San Francisco. Yell at you're local store if they dont have our stuff.
Okay Boris Divider is next up on the pressing machine, its in the cue and ready to go and to be followed by the A1 People record.
If you havent heard, Satamile is now based in San Francisco as its permanent base. Why, NY has fallen to the right, nightlife is a wreck and i was tired of the anti-dancing undercover cops showing up at my partys. Oh yes dont forget the lotus Club snob types, who wouldnt know a good cut from a bad, if a cow with diareaha dropped on their heads.
We love San Francisco, a normal city where people are allowed to dance and have fun and not be treated like criminals. We're looking forward to operating out of here in the future.
Another new update is we will be launching our new label for more offbeat , dubby tubby weirdness.
Stay tuned for upadates and sneak previews.
Most of the earlier releases's are now available on iTunes , napster, msn , Karma download and many other sites. So,, load up you're minipods with those fat beats.
Overall the label is doing well, and continues to grow. 2006 will see LP's by Umwelt,(complete),Blotnik Brothers,
Heuristic Audio , and Bytecon, all on CD and vinyl.
Blotnik Brothers "Ergo" were licensed to Dave Clarks "World Tour 2" this year. Umwelt scored a rave review in DJ mag one of their top picks in the Electro section. Blotniks were written up in xlr8r along with Freezie. Debug, Coda, and MCD digitalis have also shown support through the months. Dont forget a great source for elctro news.
Also a new store specializing in electro/breaks, Dvd's and other great genres has opened in France, check it out at

Over and out---Satamile
2005-06-27 00:00:00.0
Silicon Scally TOUR-June 30th- Thursday!!!
Here are some quick updates for the Silicon Scally tour. First NY Show Deatails. Lowfish from Suction records will be making a appearance, playing live in support of Silicon Scally. Dj sets by Satamile and friends, expect another email for final lineup. Right now, its Silicon Scally LIVE, Lowfish LIVE, EMS dj set, Satamile dj set and some surprise guest. This event is at a great underground spot called the LOFT, on 14th st. between 5th and 6th. ADDRESS: 69 W 14th ST. BTW 5th and 6th- Manhattan. GET you're Party ON!! Great space! Downtown Manhattan. See you there , A/Sat.

San Francisco went off great with a packed house at RX of great Silicon Scally and Satamile fans.
Sara Walker, and Dj Ripple, played stellar sets to a jump-up crowd.
Seattle show was of equal succes with Greg + Paul the local promoters
and dj's bringing in a equally large crowd for the event. Seattle is awesome!
2005-06-20 00:00:00.0
Silicon Scally tour
Hi electro peeps, heres whats coming up. Silicon Scally is going on tour in the US. His confirmed dates are, San Francisco-June,23rd, Seattle, June-25th, and New York-June,30th. Its a rare chance to catch carl doing is Electro and bound to be appreciated by those who attend.
Heuristic Audio is doing well and about to sell out. It just received the top 10 pick on warp mart for June. Shouts out to Mr. Heuristic and a promising career ahead.
Blotnik Brothers received a stellar review in xlr8r last month for their last Electro release on Satamile.
Middlemen has shipped to distributors and this is going to be a nice one. A big surprise! Its hard to beat that scratch breakdown on the A side.
SatRx 004 has been cut and pressed in white label form. These are 4 remix's of Exzakts ep on Satamile by Tipper, EMS, Uprokk, and Imatron Voima! Four remix's from four different parts of the world.
Finally we have new artist from Spain and France,,respectivly Umwelt and Boris Divider. Both ep's are going into final production with Umwelt in white label form.
Expect some more LP's and ep's for this year as we plough ahead in turbulent times.
Also we're moving the label to San Francisco where its legal to dance and we dont have to fight with the stupid government in NY city anymore. Our first local party in S.F. will be this thursday. Goodbye to the Cabaret Task force in NY, what a bunch of retards.
Thanks for you're support, A/Sat.
2005-05-16 00:00:00.0
Satamile Updates
Hi , here are some quick updates on the label. First the Silicon Scally is out and about around the world. We were really pleased with the overall project from mastering to the
Final pressing. Close to a full hour of sweet vinyl electro bladerunner scapes from Silicon Scally aka Carl Finlow.
The next two release
2005-03-21 00:00:00.0
Electro City Party-Miami
Mi Chica/Chico Force, Dopamine, and Satamile


Saturday March 26, 2005 End of Conference Global Electro Jamboree

Live Shows by:

Aux88 Detroit live Electro-Techno/Bass performance
(Keith Tucker and Tommy Hamilton) The original members are back for the first time since 1997. On their way toward a world tour, the Miami show will be the first! (Puzzlebox, Direct Beat)

Larry McCormick aka Exzakt USA/Germany playing unreleased and favorite material
2005-02-24 00:00:00.0
Silicon Scally Lp- Complete
Hi there, Silicon Scally LP is complete and will be shipping out to stores and distributors this week. Great mastering , cutting and pressing job. Long tracks, around 50 min. total. Sorry for delay , but will be worth the wait. Get ready for new stuff from, Heuristic Audio, Boris Divider, A1 People , Umwelt and the Middle Men,,, uh who in the hell are they,, hummh. I'm sure I forgot someone too as usual.
Check out review on Decal and Blotnik in Coda, and this months review on the Blotnik Brothers in xlr8r. take care, and thanks for the support, satamile
2004-11-15 00:00:00.0
Freezie Freekie , Blotnik Brothers,,
New Freezie Freekie , Blotnik Brothers, Bytecon,, Heuristic Audio and Silicon Scally LP on the way...
2004-09-08 00:00:00.0
New Releases+iTunes
Hi everyone, here is some current news about new release's and digital downloads for you're mp3 players.
First , Decal LP has been released world wide and should be popping up in you're stores shortly. Brilliant 2x12" and cd, that we all put alot of hardwork into.
Second our entire Satamile portfolio is now available including the SatRx label, for mp3 download from iTunes - USA, UK , Germany and France. This is a great thing to get around majors controlling what people have choice to listen to. Overall this should help the exposure and development of electro for the future. Our vinyl production will continue as usual, with digital downloads following a few months after .
Exzakt "Second Wave" EP is nearing completion and will be released shortly. White labels complete and a few teasers located at (store).
Some of you have been wondering about the next SatRx release's. They are in the makeing and expect some in the fall with stellar remix's of this years re-lease's to cap off the year in force. SatRx 02 and 03 have sold out!. Get ready for some more of the same.
Around the corner are new completed EP's by the Blotnik Brothers, Bytecon, Heuristic, Freezie and Boris Divider. Also get ready for Silicon Scallys LP complete and in production.
If you're having trouble finding our stuff, just contact me and I'll point you in the right direction.
Our new line of t-shirts are available also and expect to see a new online store for items such as this at satamile. com
Thankyou to everyone for you're support without it we would'nt be here!
2004-07-31 00:00:00.0
One of our newest finds and his first Electro release ever, we present Metroneem from Dublin Ireland. Pressed on Clear Vinyl , limited pressing , driving electro breaks with melodic futuristic harmonics. Tight arrangements and production will mark this record as a classic. for this time. Shipped to distributors and should be popping up in stores.
2004-07-31 00:00:00.0
Decal LP
Decals Release Through Velocity is complete in LP 2x12 and cd format. One of their best productions yet with quality tracks throughout. This will be shipping to distributors on Sept ,1st
2004-07-31 00:00:00.0
Exzakt EP
Exzakt Ep is lining up for its release in early september. Test pressing are available in limited supply from the electroalliance store. Another fat, hard driving Electro Bass production by Larry McCormick. SOLID!
2004-07-31 00:00:00.0
Blotnik Brothers
Blotnik boys from Sweden get the sureplayer Electro pick of DJ Mag for july. This record desrves it too. Another release to follow soon!
2004-07-21 00:00:00.0
New Release's
Hey electro punkers, Metroneem Ep, Sat.20 has just shipped to Distributors and stores worldwide. Limited pressing on clear, fat tracks. Mp3 samples up on site. Decal LP is complete and will ship out on Sept 1st. to distributors. Mindblowing electro for the 4am E heads.
Blotnik Brothers got the Sureplayer section in DJ mag with photo. Scary looking lads. Shouts out to Swedish electro.
Thats it from us...
Sonar was great! Shouts out to spain, uge, niko and the rest of everyone ...
2004-06-10 00:00:00.0
Sonar - 2004- Satamile
One more quick bit of info, will be at Sonar this year so if you're around come by Booth 17 and say hello. Will be there everyday in some shape or form,with a bunch of promo's , t-shirts Vinyl, and Cd's.
Take care,